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I need to find them now. Christian drank all evening. That's not prudent. That's Starbuck over there. The party was held on May 22nd.

He is afraid to swim.

Why are they saying that? You'll see her.

You're looking great. Can you compute the distance of the moon from the earth? He is knitting a scarf. Karen is not angry with me. Vaughn made his choice. The dancers spoke a little and only with each other. You said you'd help us, Barbra. Orville's first flight didn't last very long.

The small plane dipped slightly to go under the clouds. Imagine yourself having already accomplished that. I'll go shopping this afternoon, though I don't have much money. David knows exactly how to win. Give me a minute with Major. Have you been back to Boston since you graduated? Clarence doesn't have any teaching experience.

You will do it, won't you? The small boat was at the mercy of the wind. Is it poisonous? He'll always come through. She was surprised that it was that late. Is this a new photo? Luckily she won a scholarship.

You don't have to do anything you don't want to do. I can't see anything because the whole place is dark. The movie "The Hunchback of Notre-Dame" has been renamed and is now called "The Bell of Notre-Dame". How often and how much should I feed my dog? What was the situation in Boston?

Do you have an item that you always carried with you as child? Her mother scolded her for being late for supper. I ate durian for the first time. He shared in my happiness. He furnished the hungry with food. Novo probably could've told us how to do it. Whether it rains or not, Fujita is planning to have a picnic. Eugene is a terrible dancer.

I recommend this book. We're going. Don't walk alone after dark. I'm not to blame for everything that has happened. I don't need to eat in a restaurant. I want to live a happy life. He is in the habit of reading the newspaper while eating.

I dragged the heavy baggage to the airport. Your grandfather is very charismatic. Jacques refused to forgive Elijah. Japan needed contact with the Western countries. Follow all instructions.

He gave her a fond look. Executive departments and agencies should offer Americans increased opportunities to participate in policymaking and to provide their Government with the benefits of their collective expertise and information. We're methodical. That's not really good enough. Darin ought to have arrived in Boston by now. I keep dreaming about her. You had dealings with a crook.

Daylight Savings Time starts on April third. You should make better use of your free time. It was Kayvan who came to help us. The teacher writes on the board. Cristi knows that's true. This bird can't fly. Have you seen her yet? I was a fool to have tried explaining something to you that I don't understand myself. Angus wanted to take a shower.

Tolerant had a problem yesterday. Neither of them looks busy. I tried to call her. Claude is going to explain it to me. He would always project his own suppositions as undeniable facts. Peggy peeked through the blinds. Toasters don't toast toasts, people do.

Now you owe me one. The lion is called the king of animals. I just proposed a new version. To avoid interest charges, Edgar pays his credit card in full every month. The defense of the master thesis is just happening next month. If there is no rain no water which may make a civilized society into an uncivilized He is very glad that his school life is going well. I didn't flirt with Fay.

I would never betray my partner.